What Clients Are Saying

​Emma came into my life before my sixth joint replacement (a second left knee).  I was so fit going into the operation that my recovery time was halved.  Emma brings experience of gym rehabilitation, with a physiotherapy degree and cheerful good humour.  I could not recommend her more highly.


For about six months I had been suffering from a painful left heel.  I had not been able to run, walking was painful and I was taking painkillers.  After a couple of sessions with Emma, which consisted of manipulation, exercises and advice I did not need the painkillers any more and I was able to walk, even long distances.  After a few more sessions I was able to run again.  In addition I have better balance, and flexibility.


Several months ago, I began to experience deterioration in the flexibility of my left hip, particularly when getting up from a seated position, and consulted Emma. At our first session, Emma carried out a thorough assessment of my condition and a full history of any injuries and illnesses. Emma has developed an exercise  programme for me that is designed not only to strengthen my lower body muscles but also my core abdominal muscles, focusing on technique rather than speed or resistance.